Snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and swimming are just some of the activities you can enjoy while visiting The Caves, a top Jamaican hotel in Negril. Our seasoned water sports director and cliff diving expert will happily guide you on a snorkeling expedition where you can swim in, around and even through the natural caves. Highly recommended sightings are the ‘King’s Jacuzzi,’ the ‘Secret Cave’ and the ‘Trap Door,’ where you swim through a small tunnel and exit through the ‘Bat Cave.’ You can also catch a glimpse of some of the most vibrant sea life, including stingrays, flounder, octopus, and lionfish as well as fresh lobster which are occasionally caught for dinner. The crowning gem could be a visit from a school of dolphins that are the best swimming partners on the island… You can also charter a sunset cruise from Beach Road to Ricks Café or a deep sea fishing expedition with an experienced waverider.